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Folklife: Cooking Up a Batch of Poke Salet Brings Fond Memories

You know the old saying, “You need poke salet to thin your blood and get you ready for the summer”? This spring tonic is a controversial nefarious weed. More than likely growing wild in your backyard, Pokeweed has been a southern delicacy for centuries.  You won’t find this weed on an official list of edible native plants.  This wild green comes with a warning label due to its relation to the nightshade plant.  But yet, every spring “poke salad” fanciers gather the young shoots despite the warning label.

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Folklife: Creasy Greens and Leather Britches

The time-honored saying of “Kissing don’t last, cookery do!” seems to characterize our memories of the old ways of cooking in the South and Appalachia. 

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