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Photo Stories: Physician takes out his own appendix!

Trapped by extreme blizzard conditions, Dr Leonid Rogozov was forced to operate on himself by taking his appendix out.

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Photo Stories: Jean Addie Bissett Bostock playing tennis on ice skates!

Jean was an international tennis player and ranked in the world top ten in 1947 and 1948. (1940 – Photo Courtesy of National Archives Britain)

Jean can be seen in this vintage 1946 film of the Tennis Championships starting at 00:43 courtesy of British Pathé.

She died at the age of 42 in 1965, after an overdose of barbiturates. The news article states there were hand written notes found which would indicate an apparent suicide but the news article does not state the cause of death exactly.

Article from The Boston Globe – April, 4, 1965

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By Hope Thompson

History’s Forgotten Car Maker: Richard Corbitt’s Motor Buggys and Trucks

Richard Corbitt (February 15, 1873 – May 16, 1961) was a successful North Carolina to­bacco merchant during the 1890s. Forced out of business by a large trust, Corbitt set up the Corbitt Buggy Company in 1899 in Henderson, North Carolina.

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Soldier Thrown in Air 1917: Lewis Hines History in Photos

Photographer Lewis Hine photographed American Red Cross relief work in Europe in 1917. While in Europe, he photographed the conditions in post-war and the relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

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History in Photos: Before Judy Garland, Rare 1921 Silent Film Prints of The Wizard of Oz

Directed by Ray Smallwood, photographic silent film prints from the 1921 screen adaption based on the Wizard of Oz. Photos courtesy of Tom Crossman.

An issue of Film Daily noted that work was about to start on a series of twelve one-reel novelty films based on the Frank J. Baum’s children’s classic. The films would be produced by silent film cameraman-turned-director Ray Smallwood, directed by Ethel Meglin and featuring Meglin’s “Wonder Kiddies.” Former students of Meglin included Shirley Temple, Jane Withers, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland.

The first episode would be called The Scarecrow Loses His Throne inspired by Baum’s 1904 book The Land of Oz. The film officially premiered in 1933 but was not released nationally as originally intended. The film could not compete with the big flashy musical shows that were currently being viewed at that time.

Mary Ruth Boone, a renowned acrobat, was cast as Dorothy. The films’ production was completed by 1931 but the release was delayed by more than a year, by which time it was clear no further Meglin-Oz films were to be made.

By Hope Thompson

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