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Sarah B is the Editor and contributor of Unmasked History Magazine. She has been a freelance journalist for two years and has published articles for popular media websites such as Her focus has been on the hidden history, true crime mysteries and folklore legends. She is a rising middle schooler and loves reading, computers, and hopes to continue her education in the nursing field.

Bloody Christmas of 1929: The Lawson Family Massacre

The story of the Lawson massacre shakes me every time. I heard about this story a couple of months back and I became obsessed with it. Even though this was almost a century ago, it’s still an insane story.

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Asheville’s Most Haunted: Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery, located near Asheville, is a very peaceful, quiet place–most of the time. It’s the resting place of some of the city’s notable individuals including war heroes, authors, artists, politicians and even presidential bodyguards.

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